Frequently asked questions

  • The product can work with any 122cm (4ft) or smaller ceiling fan and can clean the air of a normal sized bedroom or lounge. For the most benefit the product should be in a bedroom, giving clean air right to your bed as you sleep. This is known as the ‘sleep breathing zone’. A full night breathing clean air will help you wake up feeling refreshed and in the morning.

  • Open windows let polluted air into the house.

    Our product cleans air in a way that AC cannot, but just like AC, open windows will let the good air go out and the bad air come in.

  • Washing the filter once or twice a year removes the large particles. When you wash it you will see the good work the filter is doing.

  • If the fan is on, the filter is working.

    After 2 or 4 weeks you can check the filter and see the pollution you have already removed – it is a very good feeling! Finally, when you wash the filter you will see the good work it is doing by the colour of the water; some particles bond to the filter forever and so it will remain darker but you can count how many buckets you use before the water is clear. The more dirty water your filter makes, the more air you have cleaned!

  • The product only works when the fan is on. In fact, a high speed is good – the faster the fan, the cleaner your air will be!

  • Winter is the season with most pollution and is also when ceiling fans are not needed – this is why we designed Lily for winter! If you have AC to keep cool then you might want to keep your Lily installed for more months or even all year!
    Any time that the fan is switched on in your Lily you will be producing clean air but we recommend using it in a bedroom one hour before bedtime and in most bedrooms rooms we have tested, the first 15minuets of use can reduce pollution by 50-60%.

  • There are no side effects of our product, only health and happiness.

  • No. Ozone can neutralise odour and so some companies use it to make air smell clean but it is actually very harmful to our bodies – be careful. We tested to ensure that we remove chemicals without producing any.

  • Even with the fan on full speed, you will not be able to feel the air going through the high quality slow-air filter.

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